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James Dent's Groove Collective is a genre-bending musical ensemble with deep roots in Jazz, Pop, Funk, and Experimental genres. 

Led by James Dent, this group of musicians seamlessly blend these diverse genres into an unforgettable soundscape that captivates audiences across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

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Absolutely Unreal. These are always my favorite gigs, I can’t get enough of Groove Collective.

Daniel “DeeJay” Fitzgerald - Manager “Last Night On Earth”



James Dent is a talented and reliable musician that achieves great crowd engagement and involvement with his confident and often humorous presence and performance on stage.  A highly versatile musician, James is capable of playing a variety of instruments, specialising in guitar and bass. James has a thorough Understanding of audio equipment and sound engineering. He has been trusted by venues and operators across Brisbane and the Gold Coast to set up gear and host music events such as gigs and open mics… I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to you for any work you may have available.

Cameron McLeod - Event Manager, Lead Guitarist of "Something Casual", Owner "HandzOn Training"



James Dent first played at our venue at the age of 16… He immediately engaged the audience.  From there we have seen him develop and advance his skills as a solo artist and jamming with other musicians.  He is able to play a range of instruments which shows his passion for music.  Unlike other musicians, James has a variety of genres, but remains consistently unique and has extraordinary talent. James has run open mic events independently at our venue which requires set up for sound and lights, scheduling sets and assisting musicians perform.   We continue to watch his journey as a musician, he is definitely someone to watch out for.

Jake Lavin - Owner of “Ground ‘n’ Sound”



Since November 2019 I’ve had the honour of having James Dent perform at many venues on the Gold Coast… Seen him jam smoothly with many musicians with rehearsed and impromptu material.  James performed at 3 festivals in 2020, as a solo artist, and on bass... James also performs with a really cool jazz band, and I’d definitely recommend them, or James by himself as a solo artist.

Landon Hunt - Owner and Operator of “Events by Lanz”

Groove Collective's live performances are a true celebration of life, music, and human connection, with each member's unique talent being showcased while delivering a cohesive, electrifying performance that leaves audiences breathless from start to finish. 

Experience Groove Collective, letting go of inhibitions, embracing the rhythm, and allowing yourself to be carried away by the collective energy in an immersive and transformative musical journey!

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