James Dent

James Dent


James Dent, an independent and emerging Australian Artist, has enjoyed a journey through playing Jazz, Pop, Funk, and Experimental music, enhancing his love and respect for the craft of good music making. James assimilates aspects of these genres into his own incomparable style, creating an unmissable trademark sound and feeling.

With a notable dedication to musical excellence, James has been selected three times for the prestigious Australian Honors Ensemble Program, showcasing his exceptional talent and commitment to his craft. Currently, he is further honing his skills and knowledge at the esteemed Jazz Music Institute, where he is studying under renowned jazz musicians and educators.

Passionate about sharing tasteful and thoughtful art with the world, James has captivated audiences through numerous local gigs across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. He has also made memorable appearances at renowned festivals such as MegaPhatSound, Gnarly Terrain, Release the Sounds, and Passport to Airlie Beach. Moreover, James has demonstrated his captivating stage presence as both a headliner and opener at the Gold Coast Show.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical icons including John Coltrane, Anderson.Paak, Brett Hallam Holland, Frank Sinatra, Herbie Hancock, and Jacob Collier, James skillfully incorporates and blends elements from these influential artists into his own performances. The result is a captivating musical experience that seamlessly combines the best of various genres and showcases James Dent's unique artistry.